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Food Service at Prepper Camp 2020

 gotta eat

Ya gotta eat, right? 


This year we have a multitude of quality food service vendors, with a large variety of items, that can quench your thirst, and calm your appetite, while you are doing all things Prepper Camp.


gotta eat 2


Grab some boiled peanuts or a gelato, while you are roaming around the Prepper Camp Event Shopping Mall, or walk up to the main food service area by the Orchard Lake Campground Office for many a meal and drink. From Mocha Lattes to Hot Tomales, we’ve got you covered.





 Velvet Cup Coffee Truck

Velvet Cup Service

The Velvet Cup Coffee Truck will be serving you once again, at Prepper Camp. We are so excited to keep you folks rolling with delicious organic, gourmet coffee concoctions, 100% fruit smoothies, and fresh made to order hot mini donuts.

velvet cup photo velvet cup product 

Menu Includes: Espresso drinks, Latte, Mocha Flavored Latte, Coffee, Cappuccino, Hot Fresh Mini Donuts, Fruit Smoothies



Dixie Belle's Kool Koncessions Food Trailer

Dixi Belle trailer 2


At Dixie Belle’s you can get a Nathan's Hot Dog with all the toppings; as well as Walking Tacos; Authentic Tamales with Vegetarian and Meat, and comes with Tortilla Chips and a variety of Tamale Sauces;  


Dixie tomale Dixie snow Dixie wrap

We even have famous New Orleans Sno-Balls; as well as assorted drinks, chips and snacks.




Rocky Hill BBQ


Rocky Hill Service Rocky Hill Truck

If you need meat, this is where to get it! 


rocky beef rocky pork

 Let Stacy and Greg Chapman serve you their finger lickin’ BBQ sandwiches; egg, sausage and cheese burritos, and much more.




Culture Shock


Culture Shock

 Get gourmet meals at food truck prices!


Culture shrimp Culture wrap culture strawberry

 Come to Culture Shock for New Orleans fare and more.




Sugar and Snow Gelato Food Cart

 Sugar and Snow Gelatos

Go to Amy Pickett’s Sugar and Snow Gelato cart, located by the Registration tent.


Sugar gelatos

Get an afternoon snack that will cool you off! 





Hillbilly Doug's Boiled Peanuts/Shaved Ice

Peanut trailer 

Stop by Doug Splawn’s Boiled Peanuts and Shaved Ice trailer (by the North Tent).


 Doug boiled peanuts Doug snow

Grab a hot or cold snack to tide you over.





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